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Well, judging by some of the great weather we have had recently, it is fair to say that Spring has finally sprung – and all I can say is hallelujah!!

It’s amazing how a slight turn in the weather and a new season can fire us up and get us to get out and about. This month’s seminar was a testimony to that, with one of our biggest turnouts so far and nine more sites secured by interested parties spread across our Haynes and Mandurah Lifestyle developments.

As usual, there was a lot of lively and welcome discussion as to what we are all about, and the facilities we offer. Without a doubt, a big plus for everyone of course is the security and long tenure of lease. It’s nice to know that your long-term future living can be locked in, leaving you an affordable and secure lifestyle, which is a real plus in these current times.

It is great to see the amount of interest in our two unique locations, and many people have commented that having the Serpentine River close by at Mandurah and the Nerrigin Brook at our back door at Haynes are great assets for enjoyment and leisure.

While we were confident in our offering from the outset, it is rewarding to know that we are on the right track to accommodate your long-term needs – a point validated by both the people we engage with, and those who are securing sites.

As always, if you would prefer to chat with me at your home or a coffee shop, rather than attend one of our seminars, I am more than happy to make a time to meet with you and discuss any questions.

Any excuse to have the chance to leave my computer screen and talk to people face-to-face is a welcome pleasure for me – especially when the weather is this good!

Project Update

By Brenton Downing

At Providence Mandurah, we have now received clarification from the Shire of Murray regarding the potential to extend the village into the adjoining property to the south. We are looking at the feasibility of doing this, along with making some tweaks to the product mix based on customer feedback, which will help offset some of the higher fixed costs currently being experienced in the industry.

Meanwhile, at Providence Haynes, we are continuing to progress the amalgamation of the two Certificates of Title. The product mix is also currently being tweaked based on customer feedback, along with the interface with the existing Urban Quarter development ‘Springtime’.

Development approvals for both projects remain current and there is still a body of detailed design work required to be completed for both villages before construction can commence on site. This work includes civil design for roads, sewer, stormwater, retaining walls, also water, fire, power, communications, reticulation, landscaping, and fencing – not to mention the homes and clubhouse facilities.

Operations Update

By John Green

Thanks again to all the people who have or are in the process of submitting their applications and paying their $5,000 Option Fee deposits.

In case you don’t know, the deposits are held in our Solicitor’s (MDS Legal) Trust Account as “stakeholder”, not on our behalf. That’s important to understand because it means our Solicitor is not holding the funds on our behalf, rather they are holding the funds as a stakeholder to the Option Agreement that we sign with you.

If either party make a request to the Solicitor to do anything with the funds, unless it’s allowable under the contract, the Solicitor will say no. This way you know that your Option Fee is always safe and is only accessible according to the terms of the Option Agreement.

The Option Fee deposit secures your right to lease the home of your choice on the site of your choice and we are required to honour the rent rate we offered at the time you submitted your application. It’s worth noting that in this building boom, home prices and rental prices are going up. This means that the sooner you submit your application, the better the rent rate you’ll be able to secure – this can make a big difference over 10 years! So don’t wait, the sooner you submit the better off you’ll be.

You get the Option Fee back in the circumstance where you take up the Option and sign the lease agreement, less the first two weeks rent. If you ask us, we can also deduct the four-week bond. If you don’t want us to deduct the bond, then the bond will be payable before you move into the home. While I imagine it’s easier for most people if we also deduct the bond and return the balance to you, the choice is entirely up to you.

If for any reason the village does not proceed (which is highly unlikely) then you will be returned your entire deposit. If however, we build the village with all the homes, and we’ve held a home for you so no one else can rent it, and you change your mind, then your deposit is forfeited. Of course, in situations like these, there may be special circumstances taken into consideration when choosing to refund some, or all of your deposit.

We are investing around $30m to construct the entire community of houses and facilities in one go, and all you need is a $5k deposit upfront to SECURE a home that you get back IN FULL if you proceed.

Thanks again to everyone who have paid their deposits – we are really looking forward to building your new home for you.

Mark Jewell Providence Lifestyle Coordinator
Ph: 0411 497 111

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